Alektor Capital

Strategic Advisory Services

We have an established track record in corporate strategic advisory and can provide complete input to the review of strategic options and the potential pursuit of growth via an M&A strategy. Our wide-ranging industry experience means that we are well-placed to provide clients with strategic advice, independent of any specific M&A transaction.

Alektor Capital offers the following services:

Market entry strategies

For businesses that want to achieve increased sales, brand awareness and business stability by entering a new market

Target search, mapping and identification

We have experience of a range of different acquisitions and strategic alliances, including JVs, collaborative agreements, and minority equity investments

Strategic business reviews

We propose a structured process to identify new value creating opportunities within a business

Optimising business plans and investment cases

We can support our clients in activities such as the optimisation of main areas such as Financial & Operational, Organizational Structure, Sales & Marketing and Business Development

Creation and support of Joint Ventures

We assist clients through the several steps of the JV / partnership process from opportunity assessment to strategy development, partner selection and due diligence, deal structure, planning and implementation


Involves a thorough analysis of potential competitors, possible customers, trade barriers, localized knowledge, price localization, competition and export subsidies

Exit strategies

We help our customers plan an effective exit strategy for every positive and negative contingency regardless of the type of investment, trade or business venture

Contacts with worldwide investors

Thanks to our international network of contacts, we are in a position to offer valuable contacts and introductions to worldwide investors